Internal Voice of Dr. Rajiv Dixit's Foreign Friend

Just came accross the call for a "Dandi march" on the internet and then came across a video from his great HONORABLE  Dr. Rajiv Dixit.

I only got my knowledge about world politics after I'd left India and by living in Europe for almost 30 years of my life. Living abroad and being widely traveled I know there is an abundance of truth in what Dr. Rajiv said.

It is a pity that a few corrupt people are the cause of millions of poor in India, which is so rich of natural resources.

I, myself avoid doing business in india because I know that there is so much of corruption. With corruption so widespread India can and never will be a great country. Millions of poor citizens will die of hunger just to appease a few rich.

I am glad to know that you are continuing the work of HONORABLE Dr. Rajiv Dixit. I cannot wait to receive his speeches.

I also read that his HONARABLE Dr. Dixit expired on the 30th of november last year. WHAT A GREAT LOSS FOR INDIA. MY CONDOLENCES for the same.

PLEASE ask donations from people for the CDs, however small that may be. Of course downloads do not cost money but a donation to build a MEMORIAL for Dr. Rajiv Dixit would be a good idea, so that we can help keep his mission going and his memory young.

Asking school children to sing or dance or walk a few kilometers and then asking people to donate the money for building a MEMORIAL for Dr. Rajiv Dixit can also be a good idea. I will consider singing to raise money for the memorial.

(No, I am not rich and live here is very expensive. I manage, but just. However, I donot have the problems as we have in India because there is NO CORRUPTION here and all money is equally devided so that all have the capacity to contribute to building up the nation and is not just limited to a few rich people to contribute as is the case in India.

I do not need to bribe anybody to get things done, in fact, I will not even be able to pay anybody to get any service that I do not lawfully have the right to!...and this is NOT my country!

I hope we will together with all well wishers be able to contribute enough to build the best MEMORIAL we can in the memory of Dr. Rajiv Dixit by november this year.

I knew that he would be killed when I listened to his speeches. Little did I know that this had already happened. HOW SAD.

The brain behind the Bhabha atomic research plant in Bombay died in a MYSTERIOUS plane crash. Here too, no investigation was done to reveal why the plane crashed!

There was a reason for the crash, but India did not press for an investigation.

There were foreign powers that did not want India to compete with them. They did NOT want India to be a powerful nation. So, Dr. Bhabha had to pay for this with his life.

Again, there were definately Indian politicians and newspapers paid to keep quite and do nothing.

Dr. Rajiv Dixit, has deterred big companies from doing nusiness in India. This means a loss of billions of dollars that would otherwise go to countries like the USA and to Europe. This being unacceptable could just mean one thing, that Dr. Rajiv Dixit must vanish. A few thousand dollars to a few corrupt Indian politicians and newspapers to keep quite can bring foreign investers billions in business in India.

An Indian life is worth nothing. One European or American killed would mean millions of dollars for physical and emotional costs.

So, being an Indian citizen, HONORABLE Dr. Rajiv Dixit was worth nothing. In fact, he was not even worth a fair investigation into his cause of death! This is INDIA. What a shame. WHAT A GREAT LOSS to have lost such a GREAT PERSON AS DR.RAJIV DIXIT. Let us see to it that his death is not been in vain.

( from

He (Dr. Bhabha) died when Air India Flight 101 crashed near Mont Blanc on January 24, 1966. The Atomic Energy Establishment Trombay (AEET) was renamed as Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in his honour. In addition to being an able scientist and administrator, Bhabha was also a painter and a classical music and opera enthusiast, besides being an amateur botanist

I also believe that Mahatma Gandhi was not killed because an Indian wanted to kill him. I FiRMLY believe that the BRITISH had planned this and brain-washed and/or hypnotized Godze to do the job! This was NOT an incident that just happend.

I have learned the theory of hypnotism (Though I donot practice this) amd I know that people can be hypnotized to do what a hypnotist asks them to do! (even against their own will).This technique already existed in the time that the British ruled India. I believe that Godze was hypnotized and commanded to kill Mahatma Gandhi.

Just type "hynosis"or "hypnotize"at YOUTUBE and watch the vvideos to convince yourself of the power of hypnosis.

Yes, the US is clearly about 60 years ahead of India when it comes to technological developments. I know this because I live in Europe for 30 years and I can tell you that India is about 30 years behind Europe and 60 years behind the United States. We are not as advanced as the newspapers tell you or OBAMA tells Indians. Yes, we used to be advanced before the British invaded India. Not now, except for a few outstanding achievements in the IT industry we lag behind in almost every aspect.
I live in Europe and I have visited many countries all over the world, in Europe(east and west) , scandinavia, the American continent, the middle-east, etc,.

to be able to tell you have much we lag behind.

I believe that Godze was hypnotized and/or worked for the British. He was not a madman, but a mercinary. Do you really believe that blood thirsty British would just let Mahatma Gandhi go for putting a. then, world empire on its knees?

Well, all the people in India did not bother to investigate who Godze really was and what made him do such a thing. They were too occupied with Independence and hindu-moslim riots at the time.

Well, that's it for now. It is almost 03:0 in the night now.....I need to get up at 07.00 hours....4 hours from now!

Goodnight and Goodbye!

N.B: I assume Dr. Rajiv Dixit was cremated. Are there any remains of him anywhere? I am asking this because DNA research can prove the cause of death if the body was buried (which is not a hindu custom).

Please also ask website visitors to sign a petition to the ministers and to foriegn governments for doing a research on Dr. Rajiv Dixit's death. We should NOT let us be deceived or put back to find the truth of what happened.

I read that there was no post mortem done although it is said that his body was blue-black in colour. WE SHOULD NOT ACCEPT THIS. Please continue urging people to write to governers, both in India and in foreign countries that have links to India for a thorough investigation as to the cause of death.

I am willing to put this petion on my website(s) as well.

I'll let you know the name of my domain(s) at a later time as I donot have all the details at this moment. It is 2.00 hours midnight!

Thanks for keeping the good work going.

I will send you more (shocking) information that people need to know, that can be placed on your website, which is equally important and interesting, in months to come as I do not have the time to do so right now.
TIME is a big problem here! I too, fall short of time as there are so many things that need to be done, just in order to live here, very different compared to living in India. Ask any Indian living in Europe and he will agree.

So, please forgive me for this.

Have a nice day! Please forgive for any typing mistakes as I am too sleepy to correct them right now!



Dr. Rajiv Dixit's Foreign Friend


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  1. If a foreign friend of Rajivji have such faith in researches done by Hon'ble Rajivji to know factual history of Indian freedom and worried about problems in India as highlighted by Rajivji, then when will countrymen of India will understand the facts regarding apex level conspiracy against our nation ?

  2. Demand must be raised to investigate circumstances as well as reasons of death of Dixitji.

  3. i know that the govt will not investigate rajiv ji's death bcos they r the ones behind it & the foreign multinations who hated him the most.
    one thing i dont understand why baba ramdev is still quiet as if he meant nothing to he a darpok

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Krantikari: Internal Voice of Dr. Rajiv Dixit's Foreign Friend
Internal Voice of Dr. Rajiv Dixit's Foreign Friend
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